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 Read this first, IMPORTANT! Application Form!

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PostSubject: Read this first, IMPORTANT! Application Form!   Sun Jun 14, 2009 11:23 pm

this is the official Crimson Lotus Application sheet. First off, of course you must sign up to the forum before you begin this. Copy and paste the below questions, answer them, and then copy paste you're application into a new thread under this forum topic. If you are accepted, your application will be locked, and you will either be notified in game either by PM or if you are offline by mail. If you are not accepted and see your application has been locked, and you have not recieved any confirmation, do not worry just try again in a month or so. We are always looking for new members. The questions in red are Required anything in normal color does not require an answer. GL. :]
Also, post your own topic underneath my example, you must enter your IGN in the appropriate slot. Otherwise you cannot post. Ty.

What is your IGN?
Do you have a prefered nickname?

What is your RL name?
Do you prefer to stage or pvp?
If you are a stager how often do you raid if ever?

What is your favorite raid?
How often do you raid/stage?
If called upon, would you help guildies stage?

How often do you PvP?
What is your goal level in Lunia?
What is your favorite character type?
Are you social?
What is your reason for joining CL?
On average, how many days do you spend playing Lunia?
How long have you played Lunia?(Open Beta, Twelve Foot Tall, Ijji..)
Are you in another guild at this moment, and do you plan on leaving?
Have you recently left another guild, and what was your reason for leaving?
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Read this first, IMPORTANT! Application Form!
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