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 Read this: example!

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(IGN her

PostSubject: Read this: example!   Tue Jun 16, 2009 3:21 pm

What is your IGN?
Do you have a prefered nickname?
Jen or Jennie

What is your RL name?

Do you prefer to stage or pvp?
I'll do both depending on my mood.

If you are a stager how often do you raid if ever?
Almost every day

What is your favorite raid?

How often do you raid/stage?
Almost every day

If called upon, would you help guildies stage?
Yes I would, providing they would do the same later on.

How often do you PvP?
Atleast 3 times a week, but not at length anymore.

What is your goal level in Lunia?
Atleast 75, but with the new 99 limit, I may go for 85 someday.

What is your favorite character type?
Eir and Dacy

Are you social?
I am social to an extreme suicidal limit. It may just kill my leveling career.

What is your reason for joining CL?
Well, the name is cool. You don't see many guilds with flowers as their guild icon.

On average, how many days do you spend playing Lunia?
I am on every day, but I afk often.

How long have you played Lunia?(Open Beta, Twelve Foot Tall, Ijji..)
TFT. I have been playing since a year ago about.

Are you in another guild at this moment, and do you plan on leaving?
I do in fact share my characters among CrimsonLotus and Finale. I keep my main ones in CrimsonLotus, and the others in Finale for now.

Have you recently left another guild, and what was your reason for leaving?
No, my last guild is still a part of me. If I did leave it, it would be for my own reasons aka. making my own guild. Or just to get rid of the lag that was attatched to that guild.

If your IGN is too large to put in the Username slot, put it down here.
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Read this: example!
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